• Weekly Support Group

This group is CONFIDENTIAL and a SAFE place for all survivors to come when they are in need. Group meets every Thursday night at 7:00PM. If you would like to participate in this support group please contact or call 843.225.5425.

  • Library of Resources

Charleston Fight for HOPE provides a library of resources available to all survivors. This library includes inspirational books, self-help books and workbooks focusing on PTSD, anxiety, self-care, stress management, trauma recovery, body image and rape recovery.

  • Six-Week Empowerment Session/Rape Prevention Seminar

Charleston Fight for HOPE empowerment programs are centered on Krav Maga training. Krav Maga training emphasizes easy to learn techniques that have been battle tested in real, life threatening confrontations. This program stresses fighting under worst-case conditions or from disadvantaged positions. The goal of this program  is to not only help survivors feel like they can protect themselves, but feel empowered.

  • Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga offers survivors the opportunity to become reacquainted with their bodies. By slowly engaging with new postures and ultimately using their bodies intentionally, survivors experience feelings of control and personal power that are essential to healing journey. Participants are welcomed to make choices from the moment they step onto their mats. This simple act of noticing one’s bodily sensations and making choices related to the body has the potential to gradually alleviate the sense of alienation many survivors feel towards their physical selves. 

  • Acupuncture for PTSD

Acupuncture addresses physical and mental health conditions simultaneously. The therapeutic effects happen quickly and can last a long time. Immediate effects include a sense of well being and relaxation, reduced anxiety and depression, and improved sleep. These simple acupuncture treatments can have a transformative effect without requiring the traumatized client to talk.